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Bits n Bytes

Welcome to Bits n Bytes.

Bits n Bytes is the place to know and see whats new in the group and/or anywhere else.

Added 17-3-2006
Added content has finally arrived with this, Bots night out.

And we hope to constant updates and news on New Zealands only active robotics group.

We now have a Video gallery, its well worth a visit

Added 16-04-2006
A while ago Keith had shown some of us a flying boat called Hydrofoam boat.

Note that this is the official site, and there are Chinese replicas

Added 23-04-2006
Brody found this page recently that shows off some research on ferrous fluids
Brodys' site is also back up, with loads of interesting bits. Including this, his inverted pendulum robot.

Added 17-05-2006
Keiths' Bitometer application.

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