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A free and handy tool

by Keith Colson "next at"

First off, to let you know why this program was written in the first place.

I have been working on ARM micros and found getting my head around the 32 bit registers to be very un-natural after working on 8 bit micros. So I made this handy little application to do coversions of Hex, ASCII ext.


Signed Byte, Word and Long converions.
Unsigned Byte, Word and Long converions.
ASCII to Byte, Word and Long converions.
Floats (32 bit IEEE) to Byte, Word and Long converions.
Left bit shift and right bit shifts.
Endian Reversals.
Byte and Word swapping.
FREE too.

Download VB5 version
here (exe needs VB5 Runtimes but XP generally has it)
Download VB4 version
here (zip includes a single runtime dll that lives in the exe's folder)

And then I thought I better get back to work now I had the tool I needed. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do.

If you enjoy using this program, let me know, cause you never know, depending on how popular this program is, I may upgrade it to include full math functions.

The main screen when first opened.

Bitometer was built to enable working with bits, bytes, words and so forth, easier to work with, especially for embedded systems engineers working on 16 bit to 32 bit systems.

In this example you can see that should the programmer needs to know what the actual bits are that make up the word "Goal" from ASCII characters.
Moving the whole 32 Bit word Left and right is as easy as clicking the left and right buttons.

Just below and to the left and right of the bit flags.

Bytes can be swapped by clicking the swap button between the byte fields.
By clicking the radio buttons at the top of the window, the user has the ability to enter in Hex, signed or unsigned values in any of the fields below the 32 Bit word field.
I here you say, "What about bytes?", well you certainly have the option too.

4 Bytes in this Bitometer can be individually read or entered.

By clicking the Invert button, at the top right, the whole 32 Bits invert, magically before your eyes.

I.e. A "1" becomes "0" and "0" becomes a "1" for the whole 32 bit word.

In this section the user has the option also to adjust a word or two, or swap the words around using the Swap button.
In this box you can enter a whole or part of a 32 Bit number, meaning you can easily see in Bits, Bytes or Words your 32 Bit value.
Here you can see that the user has the option of reversing the Endian, this becomes a great help when you load up a register and need to know to enter the bits, depending on the processor, from MSB or LSB first.
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